How to Make Sure the Next Financial Year is Your Best Ever

With a new financial year upon us, now is a great time to put plans in place to ensure the next 12 months are your most successful yet. Take stock of where your business is currently at and use this information to gain some perspective on the year ahead.

Many business owners don’t pay enough attention to the future; they are too busy treading water in the present. Whilst this is understandable, especially if your business is new, it is a huge mistake. You can’t grow a business unless you lay the groundwork. To help you better manage your business with a view to future growth, here are some useful tips.

Get Your Accounts in Order

How much time do you spend doing the bookkeeping? If the answer is “not much”, it is time to adopt a new policy. For most small business owners, accounts are a necessary evil. You probably understand the value of keeping on top of the bookkeeping, but do you understand how valuable this information is?

Get into the habit of regularly reviewing your accounts, as they can give you a useful snapshot of the business at any given time. Run a profit & loss account monthly. It can help you manage your expenses more effectively.

More efficient record-keeping also makes tax time a lot less stressful.

Automate Your Accounting Procedures

Human error is a huge problem for many businesses. None of us are infallible and mistakes will always happen. However, technology solutions can minimise errors by automating record-keeping and streamlining data entry. It’s far better to rely on financial reports generating by an accounting software solution than waiting for a finance clerk to manually generate a profit & loss account.

Outline the Business’s Goals

Have goals in place for future growth and use regular financial reporting to help you monitor the success of those goals. Be prepared to tweak your strategies as time passes, as market conditions will evolve and you may have to develop new solutions in response to customer feedback.

Take Care of Customers

Always put your customers first. They should be your main priority; without customers, you don’t have a business. Listen to feedback and make it easy for customers to get in touch when they have a problem. Use data to track how responsive the business is and how well you deal with issues.

Putting effective plans in place for the new year means you are less likely to keep repeating the same mistakes, over and over again.

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