Smart and Effective Strategies Improved Cashflow

About John & Jeanette and Pacific Towers & Communications:

The volatile Telecommunications industry is characterised by rapid technological advances, Government initiatives, and constant changes. Jeanette and John from Pacific Towers & Communications had some hard decisions to make and some big changes to implement to adjust to this changing environment.

What Happened:

Jeanette and John engaged Rebecca at AVB, to steer them in a direction that would mean success for their business. Rebecca provided advise on new asset purchases to grow a new profitable arm of their business, provided strategies on marketing, restructured their payroll, and implemented a new government strategy to return cash flow to their business. With a refund of $49000, this has certainly re-ignited their cash flow and set them up to more their business forward to the next stage.

What John & Jeanette say:

Rebecca has been more than fantastic for us, she has assisted us with cashflow strategies and tax planning to name a few. Allowing us to move forward and expand our business. I would recommend her services only to those who wish for their business to grow well into the future.

Key Results:

  • Successful business growth strategy
  • Cashflow restored to a healthy level
  • Tax planning increased refund by $18,000