Accurate & Cost Effective Tax and Accountancy Services

About Jane & Vie Marketing:

Always helping others to grow their businesses with great marketing and communication strategies meant that Jane needed to rely on good financial advice to ensure her own business was tracking successfully. But it wasn’t until she discovered a huge tax bill, that she started to wonder about the quality of the advice she was getting. That’s when Jane contacted AVB.

What Happened:

When teamed with Rebecca McConachy, AVB’s Certified Accountant, Jane’s accounting woes were over. In no time, Rebecca ensured that Jane’s Business books were in order, the previous mistakes rectified and all ATO reports filed.

What Jane says:

My other Accountant charged outrageous fees and had my books in a complete mess. Without a fuss, Rebecca took me from being completely stressed out and owing the ATO (incorrectly) over $6000 to getting a nice little return. My little business is now humming along nicely thanks to Bec.

Key Results:

  • Turned an incorrect $6,000 ATO tax bill into a nice little return
  • Sorted Accounts & made sense of a complete mess
  • Reduced stress with no fuss!