One Stop Shop gives the right advice for profit, tax refunds and business efficiencies…

About Andrew & Liz Irvine and The Pool Planner Pty Ltd:

When Liz met Rebecca from AVB at a business lunch, she knew straight away that Rebecca would be the perfect person to work with. Liz saw in Rebecca somebody who was both professional and personable.

With a very bad previous taxation experience, Liz was skeptical that a solution could be found and dreaded the thought of having to go through the process again – engaging with Rebecca and the team at AVB Tax was exactly the solution Liz was looking for.

What Happened:

Andrew and Liz met with Rebecca to undertake a thorough evaluation of their books and the previously lodged tax returns. What Rebecca uncovered was poor tax planning and bookkeeping strategies; this was disappointing for Andrew and Liz as they had paid for and trusted the advice they had been given. Fortunately though, Rebecca was able to amend the previous returns, re-structure the payroll and deductions resulting in a large refund.

Andrew and Liz were relieved to know that everything was now “back on track” and confident Rebecca would ensure their books remained that way. In addition to this work, Rebecca’s thoroughness ensued,

with significant refund, from Centrelink; a refund neither realised they were entitled to.

Andrew and Liz now love TAX time, as they have the confidence in Rebecca’s ability to work with them throughout the year. AVB manage their BAS now, so it is a holistic “one stop shop” approach, streamlining process and driving more efficiencies into their business.

What Andrew and Liz say:

“Meeting Rebecca was a “business re-defining moment” for us. My first thoughts of Rebecca were ‘knowledgeable, impressive, approachable, genuine and WOW!’ I couldn’t wait to engage with Rebecca and we haven’t looked back. It is difficult to express the difference Rebecca has made for us both at a personal and professional level. We are able to focus on what we do best, rather than wasting time worrying about our tax advice. As a professional business, we focus on providing value for our clients. It is so rewarding to have found the same business approach with AVB.”

Rebecca and Odile spent time getting to know us, understanding our business and what was important to us, tailoring a solution that meets our needs both now and into the future. We trust Rebecca implicitly and have found a business confidant who is priceless.”

“All you need to do is pick up the phone and call Rebecca today – you can thank us later!”

Key Results:

  • Years of bad tax advice rectified
  • Payroll and Deductions restructured to create a tax refund
  • New tax-refund entitlements found